Thursday, April 28, 2011

Logo & Symbols Of Cars " Maserati "

David Villa The World Players Football Cool Colection Cars

Striker Barcelona FC and Spains have Collection Cars :
  • Porsche 911
David Villa with The Black Porsche 911
  • Cadillac CTS-V
Villa Have Cadillac CTS V
  • MiniCooper
Like El Nino, David Villa Have MiniCooper Too
  • Audi S5
David Villa Have Audi S5
  • BMW M6
Rear Of BMW M6 David Villa

Specification, Price & Wallpaper " GTA SPANO " the Supercars

  • Eksterior Of GTA Spano
 GTA Motor Spano

 Rears Spano Orange
On Top White Spano
Side Black Spano
 Cool Design Spano
 Look At Spano Side
  • Specification Of GTA Spano
    • Engine : V10 Supercharged 8.3L
    • Maximum Horsepower : 780 bhp @ 6300 rpm (gasoline), 840 bhp @ 6250 rpm (E90 Ethanol)
    • Maximum Torque : 920 Nm (679 lb-ft.)
    • L x W x H : 4,650mm x 1,980mm x 1,200mm
    • Weight : 1,350 kg
    • Acceleration :  (0-100 km/h) in 2.9 seconds
    • Transmission : Manual sequential 7 speed, automatically sequential with paddle shift or (conventional)   manual in H-pattern
    • Top Speed : More than 350 Km/h
    • Price : $ 670,000
  • Interior Of GTA Spano
Standard Racing Interior Of Spano
Black White Domination Interior
  • Engine Of GTA Spano
 Strong Engine GTA Spano

Logo & Symbol Of Cars " GTA Motor "

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Design Of Cadillac One " Obama " US President Cars

  • Eksterior Cadillac - One
Fronts View Of Cadillac One
Side View Of Cadillac One
Rears View Of Cadillac One
  • Design Of Cadillac - One
Look At The Design Of CAdillac One
Cadillac One = Tank..???

Fernando Torres " El Nino " Players Football Cool Cars Collection

Fernando Torres or better known as el nino is a footballer from the country matador. Attackers are now together with chealsea in the UK has several collections of luxury cars below :
  • GTA Spano
GTA Spano Fernando Torres
  • Aston Martin
Aston Martin Fernando Torres
  • Audi
Cool SUV Audi Fernando Torres
  • MiniCooper
Fernando Torres Have MiniCoopers

Cristiano Ronaldo Players Football Cool Cars Collection Luxury.!

Luxury living with a lot of stories have become part of a footballer the world. So too with football players from Portugal, the player who defends real madrid has a collection of luxury cars are :
  • Bugatti Veyron 
CR 7 have Bugatti Veyron
  • Roll Royce Phantom
C. Ronaldo Have a RR Phantom
  • Ferrari
 Ferrari Black C. Ronaldo
When Ferrari Red C. Ronaldo Crash
  • Bentley Continental GT
With He Bentley Continental GT
  • Porsche
 Porsche 911 C. Ronaldo
Porsche Cayenne C. Ronaldo
  • Audi R8
C. Ronaldo Have Audi R8
  • BMW M6
BMW M6 Cristiano Ronaldo

Lionel Andreas Messi The Best Players Football Cool Cars Collection

Who is not familiar with this one soccer player Lionel Messi. This multi-talented Argentina players have a lot of interesting things can be seen from him, one of which is his hobby of collecting luxury cars such as the following:

  • Maserati " Granturismo " 2009
Maserati Lionel Messi Fronts View
  • Ferrari Spyder Silver 
Ferrari Lionel Messi Fronts View
  • Audi Q7
Audi Q7 Lionel Messi Side Views
  • Lexus IS 350
Lexus IS 350 Lionel Messi Fronts View
  • Chevrolet Malibu
Chevrolet Malibu Lionel Messi Side Views
  • Chery
Chery Lionel Andreas Messi Fronts View

Specification Of New Jeep Hurricane with T-BOX Zero Steer

  • Eksterior Jeep Hurricane
 Fronts Of Jeep Hurricane
Rears Of Hurricane
Fronts Slide Hurricane Jeep
Rears Slide Hurricane Jeep

On Top Views Of Hurricane Jeep
  •  T Box Zero Steer Functionally
Design TBOX Hurricane
 Cool Rings With TBOX
 Look At The Typical Hurricane .. Very Cool
  • Interior Jeep Hurricane
 Full Sorty Interior Design
 Special Panel From Hurricane
 Sporty & Luxury Interior Hurricane
Its a Hurricane Jeep Interior