Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tips for rapping

'Rap' or the word "rap", which originally means "success" is the art of delivery of rhymes, poems or plays on words, just in a rhythmic way. This form of rhyme is also known as emceeing is associated with hip hop. The art of rapping has its roots in Africa and which existed long before the development of hip hop, but in a different way. The 'griot' in West Africa had mastered the art of delivering the stories in a rhythmic way. They used drums and other musical instruments for the delivery of these stories.

Tips for rapping
The following tips for rapping assist in the development of rapping skills and allow the artist to deliver a good performance. These tips on how to rap also includes different methods and tricks to improve the techniques along with tips on freestyle rap.

* The first and most important thing you should consider before starting the development of his / her pronunciation skills and learn to control your breathing.
* Listen to songs / music correctly before starting the rap is important. One should listen to the rhythms of the instruments carefully and feel the rhythm.
* To rap correctly, one should try to practice saying the same number of syllables repeated within a specified period. It helps in improving the skills of rhythmic chant. However, it is important to be calm and not have to worry about making mistakes, at least at first.
* Maintain the flow during the rap is also an important point to consider. Learning from their mistakes and adjust the pace in the following lines after the previous line that incorrectly are the skills that are learned over time. The stripes of a landfill is also one of the tricks that could be used for such adjustments.
* You should think ahead of time, while rapping. The activity of thinking in words that rhyme with the final words should be practiced.
* Write the rap in their own help in memorizing them. Writing helps to improve the freestyles and the simple words work smart lines. Write a few sticks of multiple uses is a good idea as they come to the rescue if you get stuck.
* Listen to shocks of different styles helps to gain knowledge and creating a solid foundation for the future. One should listen to as many styles as possible, including the western, eastern and southern coast. Read more about best rap songs of all time.
* Increase vocabulary always helps when it comes to rapping. You can also think about keeping a thesaurus or dictionary to enrich his vocabulary.
* One of the important writing tips rap is to work simultaneously on the list of words that rhyme. These lists help get ideas fast raps. Write the chorus at the beginning and then think of the other lines of verse is one of the techniques or tricks that rappers in general, try to follow.
* The rappers try to incorporate the verses that refer to people or the audience you are hitting a. Some talented rappers raps up on the ground in rap duels. Iron Solomon, a rapper, in his duel with Saurus formed in the following terms: "Maybe I should have come here a flannel roll better, Or at least some long pants, You should have checked the weather channel. "
* The inclusion of metaphors and similes in rap is a good way to be interesting and "intelligent." Rappers Experience has shown that the use of similes and metaphors effectively.
* Refer to current events raps are interesting and enjoyable to hear. You can immediately connect with the audience, using these tricks.

Freestyle Rapping Tips
Practice is the key to mastering the art of freestyle rap. Feel the music, vocabulary extension, to keep in touch regularly with rap are some tips to rap in a better way. Control or dominate the voice is also an important thing to consider when rap.

The above mentioned tips will help make your rap verses interesting. The tips of freestyle rap, and maintaining the flow of the delivery of rap, write rhymes on a regular basis and most importantly, understanding / feel the rhythm to follow to become a rapper well.