Thursday, March 31, 2011

mOdification ToyotA VellFire Cool Ceper

Toyota's luxury Vellfire also get a touch of modification by the automotive enthusiast. can you imagine a car that has luxury coupled with modification? The car is still a brother with Toyota Alphard transformed into a car even this very special course. Want to know the modification to this Toyota Vellfire....?, here are some photos of the modification :

  • Toyota VellFire Cool RED Ceper

 Toyota VellFire Red Front
 Toyota VellFire Red At Park Area
Toyota VellFire RED Beside

  • Toyota VellFire Black Cool Modofication Ceper

 Black VellFire Front Beside
 VellFire Rear BEside
 VellFire Black BEside
 Vellfire Black Fronts View
 Nice View Black VellFire

 Nice Velg Choice Black VellFire
Nice Velg Black Vellfire

  • Nice White Toyota VellFire Modification Cool Ceper
White VellFire Besides 
 White VellFire Front Besides View
 On Top White VellFire Still Cool
 VellFire Cool Rear
 Cool VElg White VellFire
 Cool Velg White Vellfire
Nice Double Exhaust Choice VellFire

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