Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seat Ibe The Electric Sport Cars Specification Wallpaper Engine Eksterior Interior

Seat IBE the Electric Cool Cars
*Specification Seat Ibe The Electric Cool Sport Cars
  • Engine : Electric Cars FWD
  • MAximum Power : 102 bhp
  • Maximum Torque : 200Nm
  • Weight : 1,000kg
  • Lenght : 3,780mm
  • Width : 1,800mm
  • Heigth :1,220mm
  • Topspeed : 160km/h
  • Acceleration : 0-100km/h in 9.2seconds 
Fronts View Seat Ibe concept Cars
Cool Electric Sport Cars From Seat Ibe
BEside Preview Of Seat Electric Car Ibe
Rears White Preview Of Seat Ibe
Seat Ibe Red Rears Previews
Baggage Of Seat Electric Sport Cars Ibe
Interior Of Seat Ibe The Electric Cars
Cool Interior Electric Cars
More Sporty And Cool Interior Of Seat Ibe The electric Sport Cars
Interior Seat Ibe The Electric Sport Cars
Electric Sport Cars Beauty & Elegants Interior From Seat Ibe

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