Thursday, May 26, 2011

Specification Price Wallpaper Of New Cars " Mercedes Benz F400 Carving " The Amazing Of Cars

 Mercedes Benz F400 Carving

  • Specification Of Mercedes Benz F400 CArving
Mercedes Benz F400 Carving is a cool different design of cars from others. F400 have a two ( 2 ) of the doors and seat with type of body 2S RDSR. The engine type F400 used 6V SOHC with 3.54 in bore and 3.31 in stroke. Compretion of Ratio F400 is 10.00:1 can gived a Horsepower 224.1 Psi @ 5,600rpm and Maximum Torque is 315.0Nm @ 3,000 - 4,800rpm. With us F400 be able to acceleration 0-100kmh in 6,90 seconds with 6 speed manual transmission. Its have approximately Length 156.7 in, Witdh is 74.4in and height 45.3in. If you wont to this cars parked at your garage, you must provide money up to $500,000.
  • Eksterior Of Mercedes Benz F400 Carving

 Fronts View Of Mercedes F400 Carving
 F400 HAve a Two Doors and Seat
 Beside preview of Mercedes f400
 Rears Preview of Mercedes Benz F400
  • INterior Of Mercedes Benz F400

  •  Engine Of Mercedes Benz F400

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