Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Superbus Limousine Limo From TU Delft University Very Luxury And Very Exclusive Bus Design by Antonio Terzi

 The Superbus Luxury Expensive and Very Fast 
  • Eksterior Of The Superbus 
 The Superbus Designe By Antonio Terzi ( Italians )
 Fronts View The Superbus ( Super Luxury, Expensive and faster )
 Topspeed the superbus up to 255 km/h .. waooow
 Superbus From TU Delft University
 Rears Views of the superbus
 The Superbus Long is 15 meters
 With wide is 2,5 meters of the Superbus
 The superbus have a Height is 1,65 meters
  • Interior of the Cool The Superbus
 All in Fiber from Carbon Epoxy
 Very exclusive and luxury Interior
 Can bring 23 pasangers
Budget for maked this superbus is $ 19 Million  ... Oooh goods

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